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Rooted was born out of our own needs. We are 3 moms who have lived in Danang for eight, seven and five years, respectively. We were each raising our own young children... and we all needed extra help. Whether it was a nanny, breastfeeding help, pre-natal care, play groups, or just the support of other parents who had been there before.

We are not perfect parents, but we learned a lot from the people who helped us and our goal is to pass that knowledge on to you! 

After hiring a Vietnamese nanny, I (Meri) learned a lot of things along the way that I wish I taught her from the beginning. Over time, I trained her in some Western ways of childcare - playing independently, hygiene standards, sleep methods, etc. When the time came for my youngest child to go to school full-time, our nanny was fully equipped to work for another expat family. She had the knowledge and skills to provide excellent care for any child. From this, I began to develop a curriculum for teaching others and ways to connect Vietnamese nannies with foreigner families. 

As we sat down to discuss and plan the nanny training, we began to develop more ideas: Assistance for women giving birth in Danang, Support groups for moms to share their experiences, Nutrition and snack ideas for feeding kids at home, Educational Play boxes for toddlers, etc...

In producing these services, we are drawing on our own skills and expertise as a nurse, a doula, and a background in child development studies.

We understand that each child has unique needs and interests and every family is different. We strive to provide the best tools and support to help your family thrive!

Mom and a Child
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