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Discovery Cards

Discovery Cards

125.000₫ Regular Price
100.000₫Sale Price

Did you know that newborns can only see in black and white until about three months of age?

These handy double-sided black and white cards are durable and free standing to help improve your baby's early development. Set it up on the floor for your baby to observe during tummy time. Put it against the wall for your baby to look at during diaper changes. There are so many uses! Folds up flat for easy storage or to take it with you in the diaper bag on your next baby playdate!


Decades of research show that time spent looking at high contrast images is important for infant cognitive development, especially from birth to 14 weeks old. 


  • Stimulating your baby’s vision and helping them determine shapes and colors is important for strengthening their cognitive abilities as well as their gross motor skills.
  • Because high contrast images are easier for babies to interpret, they are the best way for your baby to lengthen their attention span, improve their memory and develop their nervous system.
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